We accept special garment requests alongside our seasonal ready-to-wear collections. These pieces are made via artisanal atelier methodology and produced with custom hand-dyed fabrics.

Special Order

Clients are welcome to choose garments from previous and current seasons with the opportunity to apply select modifications such as color, sleeve addition, embellishment, fabric, and so forth. These pieces are made-to-order, however, they follow our collection sizing. Slight adjustments to sizing such as garment length may be applied.
Please note that there will be a 15-25% custom surcharge added to the invoice for made-to-order. Additional upgrades in fabrication, embellishment, etc. may also be subject to a surcharge.. All surcharges will be presented for your approval before placing your order.
Please note that as we follow our traditional sizing chart, alterations are not provided in this process.

One of One

We offer an opportunity to create a one of a kind garment that is designed by Azeeza exclusively for you.
This full custom option allows clients to work hand in hand with our team to receive an Azeeza original.
Both global remote and in-store processes are available based on your availability.

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    Contact us

    Contact us with your custom inquiry. Someone from our team will respond in 1-2 business days.

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     Book Your Appointment

    Our team will begin working one-on-one with you via a virtual, in-person, or email consultation to discuss the details of your custom Azeeza piece.

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    Discuss the Details

    During your consultation, you will work with the Azeeza team to choose your base style, desired design, and degree of customization. Optional add-ons may include custom dye swatches and muslin fittings. Upon confirmation of your final design, color, and fabric, your order will then be placed into production.

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    The Production Process

    Development and construction will commence on your final order. Due to the special attention and detail-oriented design, this process may take between 4-8 weeks depending on the nature of the garment. For one of one orders, you will receive a muslin sample of your dress to try on. You may then request changes to fit to ensure the piece matches your vision.

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    The Final Product

    Your dream Azeeza dress is complete! Delivery options include global FedEx shipping or pickup at our Chicago showroom. Please note, once you receive your finalized custom piece we are unable to make modifications or alterations.